editorial photography
National Geographic Traveler Magazine

"Heart of the Celestial Empire"
by Julia Wilkinson

"Moscow Rising"
by Gary Cartwright
"Belgian Bliss"
by James S. Wamsley

"A Drive on the Wild Side"
by Spike Gillespie

"Riding in Red Rock Country"
by Mark Miller
"an alsation feast"
by R. W. Apple

July-August 2000
"The Two Worlds of Belize"
by Mel White
"Ranch Vacations"
by Ann Jones
"Front Porch on Paradise"
by Julie Wilson
"La Dolce Vita"
by Mel White
"Scenes from the American West"
by Mary Heebner

"Brazil's City of the Senses"
by Jon Bowermaster

"Silver Lode"
by David Yeadon
"Island Bound"
by Pat Kelly
"Tres Cheap, So Chic"
by Taras Grescoe
"State of Enlightenment"
by Anthony Weller
"In the Land of Wild Horses"
by Jessica Seigel
"Lewis & Clark Trouble on the Trail"
by Geoffrey O'Gara
"The World in Pictures: Special Photography Issue" "Mexico's Dazzling Underworld"
by Charles Demangate
Big Picture
"California Cruisin'"
by Mary Heebner
"Place of a Lifetime: Saigon"
by Robert Olen Butler
"Home On the Island "
by Karen Connelly
October 2005
"Guarding the Gate",
November 2007
"50 Places of a Lifetime"
October 1999
October 17, 2005

NGT Poland
by Kinga Colmenares

"Quiet Please"
BY Howard Norman

"Editor's Note: Our Best Ambassadors"
by Keith Bellows
November 2005
    "Lake of the Little Fish"
By Scott S. Stuckey
March 2007