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New York Times Magazine

"A Dictatorship That
Grew Up"
by Nicholas D. Kristof

"Pablo Neruda's House
in the Sand"
by Annick Smith

"San Diego's Spanish Accent"
by Dan Hofstadter

"Autumn in Tuscany"
by Molly O'Neill

New York Times Sophisticated Traveler Magazine

"Memoirs of an
Orkneys Addict"
by Penelope Lively

"Holy Ground at the
Edge of the World"
by Alice Furlaud
"The Realm of the
Fire Goddess"
by W. S. Merwin
"Antigua Guatemala's Colonial Charm"
by Anthony Weller

"Tegucigalpa, Why Not?
by Patricia Volk


"The Marches: Italy
as it Used to Be"
by Dan Hofstadter

"Death Valley: Present
at the Creation"
by Barbara Lazear Ascher

"Mexico By the Sea Or Under the Volcano"
by Anthony Weller
Our Own Anthology
20th Anniversary