The Book of Santa Barbara
Macduff Everton (Author, Photographer), Pico Iyer (Author), Mary Heebner (Extended Captions)

Santa Barbara seems a place of such obvious charms. The golden beaches and sage-covered hillsides are there at first glance, while the Spanish-style townscape issues an invitation to visit all year, thanks to an unvaryingly pleasant Mediterranean climate. Even so, it takes an artist with a unique vision to reveal the complexity of Santa Barbara's beauty, as Macduff Everton does so brilliantly in the photographs that grace the pages of this book. A longtime Santa Barbaran, Everton uses his panoramic camera to reveal the play of light on sea and rock, the quirky corners of historic landmarks and the unexpected variety of lush gardens and open spaces.

The Book of Santa Barbara

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The Modern Maya: Incidents of Travel and Friendship in Yucatán
text & photos by Macduff Everton
with contributions by Charles Demangeat and Hilario Hiler

Ancient Maya cities draw travelers from all over the world to Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula. But while tales of the "Maya collapse" give an air of mystery to the ruins, modern Maya still live in communities across the Yucatán, where they strive to maintain their culture and way of life despite centuries of political, social, and environmental disruption. Photographer Macduff Everton has spent more than four decades living and working among the Maya. His 1991 book on the modern Maya provided a superb photo-essay and ethnographic record of the Maya during a time of critical change and globalization. In this book, he masterfully updates his portrait of the modern Maya, while investigating the effects of NAFTA, tourism, the evangelical movement, world trade and maquiladoras, racism, sexism, and drugs on Maya communities.

Modern Maya

Patagonia La Última Esperanza
Photographs by Macduff Everton Text and Drawings by Mary Heebner

In this spectacular collection of panoramic images, award-winning photographer Macduff Everton proves why Chile’s Last Hope Province, in the extreme southern corner of Patagonia is a landscape that kindles the dreams of world travelers. Patagonia La Última Esperanza is a collaboration with writer and fine artist Mary Heebner, whose meditative prose reflects the poetry of place. Just as her observations seek to unearth and understand the spirit of the region, her paintings, watercolors, and drawings evocatively counterpoint Everton’s photographs of iconic mountains and glacier-lined fjords. Together they provide a unique perspective on this vast, still mysterious territory and the lives of the people who have made a home here at the tip of the South American continent.

Patagonia: La Ultima Esperanza

The Western Horizon
Photographs by Macduff Everton, Commentaries & Sketches by Mary Heebner, Introduction by Edmund Morris

The American West has been romanticized and mythologized, painted and photographed and filmed. But it has rarely been captured in the scale of Macduff Everton's photographs. Accompanying the photographs are lyrical and informative commentaries by Mary Heebner. Edmund Morris, the renowned biographer, contributes a foreword on the place of the West in American culture and history. Click to see images


The Modern Maya 
text & photos by Macduff Everton

"Macduff Everton's photographs are some of the most haunting and beautiful documents of Maya life -- ancient and modern -- I have seen. They provide viewpoints that are uniquely his own, and with artistry and sensitivity, they open up for us, the Western world, a window into the experiences of another people."
Linda Schele, author of MAYA COSMOS and CODE OF KINGS

Finding the Magic Circus
text & illustrations by Macduff Everton

"This splendid book recounts the adventures of Macduff and his son, Ricky, on a trip to the Yucatan to find El Circo Magico Modelo, the Magic Circus. The lively story is accompanied by the author's gorgeous yarn paintings, a traditional technique of the Huichol Indians that Macduff learned while living in Mexico."
Paloma Cain, book artist

That's Not Entirely True
text & photos by Macduff Everton

"Macduff Everton's series of "fotoverigraphs" is an unusually imaginative and witty piece of work. No academic could offer a more persuasive demonstration of the elasticity of photographic meaning -- or one so full of pleasure and surprise."
Peter Galassi, Curator of Photography, MOMA

The Code of Kings: The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs
by Linda Schele & Peter Matthews with photos by Justin Kerr & Macduff Everton

"The Code of Kings is an unprecedented work, a brilliant synthesis of archaeology, art history, and Maya writing. Informed by erudition, intuition, and just plaincommon sense, Schele and Matthews have opened a window on the Maya past. Once again, Linda Schele has breathed life into an archaeological subject, making it vivid and vibrant at every turn."
Mary Miller, Chair, Dept. of the History of Art, Yale University


China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic

This magnificent collection of images by twenty-five of the most important Chinese and Western photographers of our time conveys the depth of their involvement in culture, politics, and everyday life. An Aperture Publication and Worldwide Traveling Exhibition

The Cities of Ancient Mexico: Reconstructing a Lost World
by Jeremy A. Sabloff with special photography by Macduff Everton

"A rewarding, richly illustrated study, equally valuable to the layperson and the specialist."
Publishers Weekly


The Code of Kings: The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs
by Linda Schele & Peter Matthews with photos by Justin Kerr &
Macduff Everton

Same as the hardback except does not contain eight pages of color plates

A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya
by Linda Schele & David Freidel with photos by Justin Kerr, Macduff Everton & others

"A Forest of Kings is a triump of inspired scholarship, a Rosetta Stone of Maya Civilization. Linda Schele and David Freidel's brilliant researches shine like a searchlight into the remote past and recall the deeds of long-forgotten Maya kings for the first time in centuries. This is one of the most important books on ancient America to appear in a long time."
Brian Fagan, Author of People of the Earth

Maya Cosmos: Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path
by David Freidel, Linda Schele & Joy Parker with photos by Macduff Everton & Justin Kerr

"A spellbinding tour-de-force of scholarship and insight."Michael D. Coe, author of Breaking the Maya Code

Stretch: The World of Panoramic Photography
by Nick Meers

Birdmen of Papantla
by Mariana Prieto & Grizella Hopper with illustrations by Macduff Everton

The World's Top Photographers: Landscape
by Terry Hope
Panoramic Photography: From Composition and Exposure to Final Exhibition
by Arnaud Frich